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Our Story

Lakeway Pharmacy was born out of this passionate desire to bring an all-inclusive high-quality integrative healthcare to our community. Our founder, Acho Ezirim has always wanted to be a pharmacist right from when he was a little boy primarily to be at that strategic position where he is able to help people feel better and stay well. This being the reason he chose to practice his pharmacy profession in the community setting to be closer to the everyday patient. He had worked with one of the big chains for over ten years but had to quit because his patients were becoming to look more like numbers rather than human beings that really needed help with their health.

At Lakeway Pharmacy, we look at the body as a whole and not in parts. We do not look at our patients as numbers but as unique individuals with unique needs. We are not a one size fits all shop but we tailor our solutions specific to each patient and we offer these and our high standard quality products with top notch personalized customer care service.

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